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Notification of changes in this Agreement will be posted on the fritzhoffmann.com Website on the “Terms and Conditions” page. Account holders will also be notified of changes to this Agreement at the email address provided to us. 2. Revocation of Authorization to Access Site: GREG GIRARD reserves the right to revoke your authorization to access this Website or restrict your access at any time without notice. 3. Intellectual Property Rights: This site and all content and material appearing on the site, including but not limited to images, photographs, text, graphics, trademarks and service marks (“Content”) are owned by GREG GIRARD. All intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyright, trademark and service mark rights, trade dress and moral rights are owned by GREG GIRARD. None of the photographic images and text on the Website are in the Public Domain. 4. 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You may not modify, alter or remove any visible or electronic watermark, nor disassemble or decompile the image. b. Non-Watermarked Images: Client Account holders may search and access non-watermarked images solely for the purpose of evaluating whether to purchase a license to use the image. Your access to the non-watermarked image does not permit any use unless you purchase a license to use the image. 7. Client Accounts: In order to access non-watermarked images, you may apply for a Client Account and you agree to furnish true and accurate information. GREG GIRARD reserves sole discretion over whether to grant you an account, and you agree to access the authorized sections of the Website and your account only by using the account number and password supplied to you by GREG GIRARD or his office. 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